More Help for Pet Owners

The Community Pet Project will not be using funds for yearly pet exams or yearly pet immunizations. Nor, at this point, can we commit funding for pet owners seeking to have their pet spayed or neutered.

Our funds will be used for emergency / immediate Veterinary care for sick or injured pets and to pay grooming costs associated with pets in dire need of such a service.

For the services that we will not be offering, there are wonderful organizations throughout the county that offer low-cost vaccinations, flea preventatives, heartworm preventatives, and spaying and neutering services. For those looking to cut costs on medications or for a reduced rate on spaying/neutering, the provider's links are featured to the right.

You will find that in addition to having their own low cost spay and neuter program, Greenville County Animal Care Services is providing wellness checks and even Veterinary care to pets with minor medical issues that belong to low income families, the disabled, and to seniors, who have limited funds. Depending on one's income, assistance may be provided at no charge. Therefore, please check to see if you qualify for help should your pet need immediate care.

Speak for Animals also offers reduced fees for spaying & neutering. These reduced rates are discounted more to those who receive government assistance, to those who are on disability, or to those considered low income eligible. Owners of Pit Bulls/Pit Bull mix breeds, no matter one's income, receive the greatest reduced rate.

Concerned Citizens for Animals also offers low cost spaying and neutering. But, what you may not know about this organization is that they work to stabilize ferral cat colonies by trapping, neutering/spaying, and returning the cats. They also house adoptable pets. To learn more, please visit their site.

For those who can afford grooming for their pet, but who are looking to cut costs on grooming expenses, links to Greenville Technical College and Bonds Career Center are included.

And lastly, for those seeking treatment for an injured or orphaned wildlife animal, Wildlife Rehab of Greenville is noted.

This organization, along with the many others listed on this page, are here in the community and are doing wonderful things for animals and animal lovers. To each of you, Thank You. The community is very lucky to have you.